How To Be Saved

God loves you! He created you just the way you are for a specific purpose and plan for your life. Develop a personal relationship with your Creator - God - and discover a new way of life that will satisfy your soul. 

No matter where you are in your life right now, Jesus wants you to come to Him. He willingly gave His life so you can receive forgiveness and live a new life through Him. God’s love and grace is far greater than any of your mistakes.  If you are ready to commit your life to Jesus and follow Him, all you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart and give you a fresh start in the life you were meant to live. 

You can start by praying this prayer:

     Lord Jesus, thank You for giving Your life for me and forgiving me of my sins so I can have a personal relationship with You. I am sorry for the mistakes I’ve made and I know I need You to help me live right. I believe You are the Son of God and I confess You as my Savior and Lord. Take me as I am, and work in my heart, making me the person You want me to be. I want to live for You, Jesus, and I am so grateful to You for giving me a fresh start in my new life with You today. I love You, Jesus! Amen.

Know that you don’t have to clear up the garbage in your life before inviting Jesus into your heart. Come as you are. As you get to know Him better through bible study and prayer, your heart will change. When the Holy Spirit moves in, He will clean things up from the inside.