Happy Father's Day

I see more and more every day how much I am like my Dad. He also was an idea person with an entrepreneurial spirit. He was an over the road truck driver for many years. As a child I remember many stories starting with “I was driving through (insert any city, state here) in the middle of the night” and I would just tune out. As a girly girl I wasn’t interested in truck driver stories. But now I want to know what happened that night on I-so and so? Where was the most fun place you traveled? Did you actually like driving? Because I hate driving. Didn’t it stress you out to maneuver an 18 wheeler in heavy traffic and small spaces?

My dad started taking the family to church when I was 6. He developed an obedient relationship with God and answered the call to pastor after I was grown. He served at several churches before starting his own ministry with a dear friend and associate pastor. Then in addition to trucking stories he had an abundance of knowledge to share about the Bible. He had a Biblical answer ready for any problem you could possibly have. If I went to him with a problem I was always comforted by his words. There’s a lot of problems I would like to discuss with him now. I would be so interested to know his thoughts on coronavirus and the government and vaccinations. I want to hear and understand everything he has to say about the end of time.

 Daddy had a heartattack in 2007 and had to have a triple bypass. Recovery was difficult and he never regained good health. In 2010, he was on a ladder doing some house repairs. He looked up in the clouds and saw a hand with a finger pointing. Then the cloud started to move toward him. He said it was moving faster than the other clouds and was coming straight toward him. He believes it pushed him off the ladder. He fell 6 ft and landed in the driveway. He went to the hospital in an ambulance. He was in a lot of pain from compressed vertebrae but there were no broken bones. The doctors did, however, find an aneurysm that could have killed him if it remained undetected. They were able to do surgery and he stayed with us a little longer. A few months later he told me that he knew his days left on this earth were short. His heart gave out and his soul peacefully left his body in December of 2011. I want to ask him what he is doing now. Does he fly? Does he ever get to paint the sky? And I want to tell him I love him one more time.

Happy Father’s Day. Call ‘em if you got ‘em.