Thoughts About Being Single & 49

Thoughts About Being Single & 49

Being single and 49, I feel free

To live life exactly as I want it to be.

No one to please or worry about,

No arguing, no reason to shout.

I wake up to a peaceful house,

No hungry, grumpy, or snoring spouse.

I can do what I want each day,

No need to compromise or debate.

Travel far or stay close to home,

The world is mine to freely roam.

No need to ask permission,

I am free to follow my own vision.

I never run out of milk or bread,

I can sleep on the left, the right or the middle of the bed.

If I get hot in the night I can turn on the air,

then hog all the covers, no one will care.

I can shave my legs monthly or not at all,

No one crying because I missed their call.

Just me and my own company,

A blissful state of harmony.

I can binge-watch Netflix for 10 hours straight,

I can go to bed early or stay up late.

I embrace each moment with joy and glee,

Living life solo, wild and free.

I choose what to watch on tv,

and when, where and what to eat.

I may have pizza for breakfast and bacon at night,

If I eat ice cream all day it will be alright.

I savor life in my own way,

And chase my dreams, come what may.

I may be single for quite a while,

no one to harsh my mellow or cramp my style.

If I catch every red light in town,

no one is waiting at the door, wearing a frown.

My life is relatively stress and drama-free,

I sleep well knowing no one is cheating on me.

So, let the world go round and round,

And let love's mysteries abound.

As for me, life is just fine.

It’s a joy to be single and forty-nine.

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