A Love So True

A Love So True

He is tall and strong, muscles rippling.

Arms extended in the air, busting logs with an axe.

His handsome, rugged face is framed by long flowing hair,

loose curls cascade down his back.


My dream man is a good provider,

working hard and stewarding well.

Supportive and generous,

My lofty dreams he dare not quell.


I see him briefly in my mind, then he vanishes,

Like an oasis, an illusion produced by my desire.

His deep, manly voice always remains calm and gentle.

His witty banter I do admire.


He understands my complex mind and loves me anyway,

Respectful of the broken roads I traveled in my life.

My dream man is loving and faithful, forsaking all others

for me, whom he wants to be his wife.


He knows his purpose and lives as he should

With the Holy Spirit alive in his heart.

For what God puts together

No man can take apart.


I dare not chase him like a pot of gold,

For one never reaches the end of the rainbow.

A unicorn in a field of horses.

A love so true, I may never know.

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