Worry Is The Sin Of Not Trusting The Lord

I read this on a church sign a few years ago. At the time, I thought... sin is such a strong word. Is worry really a sin? I know that worrying doesn't do anything at all to resolve the situation. And I know that for every minute spent worrying we are robbing ourselves of 60 seconds of happiness. But are we actually sinning? I mean... it's natural, right? Maybe it is a sin. After all, God instructs us to... Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Recently God proved to me that this is true.
My living situation had become unbearable. Let's just say that I returned from a trip to TN to find that I had many new roommates and pets and there were several items missing from my room. Man, I still miss those jeans. I've never had a pair that fit like that before. So, after flipping out and scaring a few people, I gave a notice and frantically started searching online for a new place to live. I found nothing both desirable and affordable. I took a long drive around Panama City seeking For Rent signs. No luck. Affordable housing goes FAST. I continued my search all weekend and by Monday after work I was ready to have a nervous breakdown. I was filled with anger and dread upon returning home and went straight to my room to cry. That lasted only a short time and then I remembered to turn all my cares over to God. I prayed and then I calmed down, knowing that what we ask in His will, believing we will receive, will be made ours. Little did I know that this trouble would lead to a huge blessing.
On my lunch break on Tuesday, I had an appointment to look at a 1 bedroom mobile home. Just before I left, I stopped by my supervisors desk to let her know of my plans in case I were to be a few minutes late getting back. She asked if I would be interested in a 3 bedroom house instead and the rent was $100 less! God put me in the right place at the right time and made me say the right thing to the right person.  As it turned out, a fellow employee was moving away and  looking for someone dependable to rent his 3 bedroom furnished (complete with smart tv!!!) home. I immediately canceled the other showing and I went to see his house instead. I wanted it. No credit application or fee, no credit check or background check. Just a signature and first months rent. It has a privacy fence around the back yard and the master bedroom has a sliding door that opens to the back yard. It's so perfect for me. I moved in August of 2018. Just 2 months before Hurricane Michael devastated the city and created an unbelievable housing crisis. But my home remained livable.
I feel so fortunate that the Creator and Master of this entire universe loves lil 'ole me and is looking out for me. I'm so grateful for the silver lining in every dark cloud.  I had been patient and content and thankful and God chose to bless me further. He shakes things up when it's time to bump you to the next level. Otherwise we would be too content or complacent to look for our next move. When you start to feel overwhelmed and your natural instinct is to worry, remember His promises and cast your cares to God.
Written in 2018

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  • So very true! You in turn saved me from my situation. If we are open to and listening for Him, He leads the way taking us to a place far better than we thought we could have.


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