Try It God's Way

I have been chasing my dream of writing ever since I created my first blog 5 years ago. As a licensed massage therapist, I wanted to provide continuing education units and self care resources for other therapists. But I never wrote anything that I felt was good enough to publish. Throughout these last 5 years I have started multiple blogs but I didn’t have enough passion for my content to keep the site fresh and interactive. Instead of having an abundance of ideas, I would get stuck and give up.
When 2020 rolled around, I realized I had spent 5 years brainstorming not on what to do with my life but how to do it. If I had put forth as much effort on doing instead of thinking, I would surely be there by now. Many times I prayed for the words to write but then rejected the words that were given to me. I was inspired to write spiritual blogs but I didn’t want to sound “too preachy.” I didn’t want people to think I was being pushy or acting all “holier than thou.” For a long time I ignored God’s call. I would try again to focus on alternative healing. I felt that was a more popular niche to occupy. But I was just being disobedient.
Joyce Meyer spoke directly to me during a televised sermon recently when she said “ If you will get really serious and do things God’s way, you will have a life so amazing, you won't be able to take it all in.” So I got serious. I asked God to speak through me and help me create a business that I will love and grow. I’m doing it, doggone it, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
This week He wants me to tell you to try it His way. God is the ultimate form of healing. God can heal you emotionally, physically and spiritually. He can guide you in life, love and business. Go to Him for every problem or situation. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Just be sure you listen to and act on His answer. Thinking about it doesn’t progress you. I want you to experience all the wonderful blessings God has in store for you.


  • I love reading your blog! Thanks for pushing on and for pushing us.

  • Kim, I love your blog and your loving spirit! Cannot wait to watch your life continue to get even better!

    Lori Fox
  • I agree with Diane.

    Laverne Childers
  • I receive a blessing every time I read your posts & something that comes to mind each time I read them proud your daddy would be. Keep writing. .I enjoy them so much


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