This CAN Be Your Year!

Facebook memes warned us against claiming 2021 as our year. It seems that last year too many people did so and the year turned against us. We were supposed to silently slip into 2021 and never again speak of the historical nightmare known as 2020. Well, I ain’t skeered. I’m not going to tuck my tail in and hide from God’s blessings and abundance. It is all around us. I claim 2021 as my year! Just because there is a pandemic and the new world order may soon be globalizing our economy doesn’t mean that you can’t take giant strides toward reaching your destiny!

We were born for such a time as this. If you are living on this earth right now, you have a reason for being here. Everyone of us has a God-given purpose and destiny. He has also given each of us unique gifts and talents to help us realize our dreams. But many times, we let fear hold us back. Quit hiding the dreams and talent God has given you. He made you to shine, to make a difference and leave your mark. Your gift isn’t just for you, it’s to share with the world.

Ask God for new direction, fresh insight and a deeper level of wisdom. Ask Him to guide your steps so that you may walk boldly and confidently into His plan for you. Start where you are, take small steps forward, pivoting as necessary. You will know it is the right move if you listen closely to what God is whispering to your heart. Don’t wait until the fear goes away. It may never go away. You have to have faith and do it in spite of the fear. Nobody who’s ever done anything great in life has done it without fear.


  • Very good. YES, We were all put here for a purpose………………………

    Laverne Childers
  • SO TRUE…..


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