No Fear

In true 2020 fashion, determining the winner of the election has been problematic. I am exhausted by political commentary. No matter who is ultimately named as our president, half of the country will be angry or concerned. I have spent most of this year angry and concerned, and outraged and discouraged. I’ve had a myriad of emotions this week alone, even shedding a few tears. Not too many, just about 9 or so. :) I’m thinking about spending the year 2024 traveling abroad. Bosnia sounds nice.

Meditating on God’s word always makes me feel better. Replacing the radio with cd’s of my favorite preachers makes my work day go by much faster and smoother. I have learned a lot and filled my arsenal with weapons to defeat the devil. These are truly words to live by. No matter what problem you are facing, the answers can be found in the Bible. His instruction can turn chaos and confusion into peace and joy.

The passages that have given me the most comfort this year revolve around God’s command to “Fear Not.”  I googled it to see how many times it is instructed in the Bible and found it to be 365 times. That tells me that we should apply this to our life every day of the year. It also tells me that since the beginning of time, everyone has struggled with fear. This isn’t merely a suggestion. It is a command that He means for us to keep. We can not live our best life to the fullest if we are riddled with dread and worry. We can not enjoy our day if our mind is full of anxiety. As hard as it may seem, hand all your problems over to God. He will fight your battles. Even if things don’t go the way you want, He will take what is meant for your harm and use it for your good. You will get the best results if you trust in Him for everything with no fear of the outcome.

No matter who serves as our president, Jesus Christ will always be King! One day this whole world will be His kingdom. Christian hope is alive and real. I still have a job to do on this earth and I embrace whatever plans God has for this country. I know by experience that sometimes we have to mess up real big before we call out for His help. If there has been any fraud, I won’t worry about that either. Everything that is done in the dark eventually comes to light. We get spanked for our wrongdoing by the consequences it brings. I will not fear religious persecution, a global economy, loss of freedoms or societal injustices. I will not fear anything that comes against me in this world because God is bigger than my enemies and I know how it all ends. If you don’t know how it ends, email me and I will tell you.  (




  • Very good, Kim. He is in control.

    Laverne Childers
  • Love love love your message Kim! So much I shared on my Facebook so more people can see. I believe God is working in His glory as we seem to allow ourselves to be swept away by the cares and worries of this world. Your message provides so much hope to those willing to listen and take it to heart. Thank you!


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