Life Is Like A Road Trip Without GPS

Before the Internet was a household convenience, I would plan family vacations by ordering destination brochures that were advertised in the back of magazines. I would route the trip using an atlas. That part wasn’t fun but I was still excited to do it because … yay… vacay!!! I would even type up 2 itineraries on my typewriter. One for me and one for my (first ex-)husband who could not have cared less about it. During the trip he would ask what we were doing next and I would angrily reply “check the itinerary!” The destinations were fun but the drive was usually a disaster. We would get lost and go the wrong way until we stopped to ask for directions. The difficult journey would cause tension and angry words and hurt feelings. I always knew we were close when I heard the familiar yell of “I will turn this car around right now!” Thank goodness for the invention of GPS.

I find life to be very much like a road trip without GPS. The final destination or what you want out of life can be absolutely anything you choose. But to arrive you must consciously stay aware of your direction and every turn you take. Although the road ahead remains a mystery, you know that if you continue in the right direction you will eventually get to where you want to be. Even when you stay on your route, there will be roadblocks and breakdowns that are unavoidable. But if you press forward even when you feel like giving up, you will make it. If you lose your focus and stray from your planned route or if you haven’t planned a route at all, you can easily end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had GPS and AAA for our life? Let me tell you some great news! We do!!! God can show you the smoothest, straightest path to anywhere you want to go. All you have to do is ask Him. He will even ride with you. If you don’t listen to Him he will put caution signs in your path. He really wants you to have a happy journey. When it’s dark and stormy, He will take the wheel. He doesn’t remove all the speed bumps and flat tires because they teach us valuable lessons that we will need for later in our journey. No matter how far off course you may be, you can always call out to God for directions. I never go anywhere without Him.  

Written in 2020

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