It's A Seasonal Thing

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I can’t go to sleep at night and I can’t get up in the mornings. I’m feeling very run down and emotional. I heard the song Good Directions by Billy Currington on the radio and I just cried and cried. In the last line when we find out Ms. Bell is his mom??? Oh my gosh, I couldn’t handle it. I had to turn off the radio. I had to drive in complete silence for the rest of the day. Getting through the work day is all I can do. Walking into the stores with a smile and friendly greeting is sucking the last droplets of energy from my body. I remember to be grateful even when things are hard so I whispered a quick prayer thanking the Lord for another day of life. I thanked Him for my job and apologized to Him for feeling discontentment. He whispered back “It’s February, it will pass.” I forget about it every year until it creeps up on me. I always get down in February. This is when I have had my limit of Winter and my internal system is all out of whack. I need sunshine and vitamin D!

In my mind I was transported back to February, 2015. A crippling ice storm struck Middle Tennessee. I didn’t open my spa for several days and was stranded at home with my (now-ex) husband who insisted on spending this time practicing the drums. I hated life. That was my last full year in Tennessee.

I’m in a whole different season of life now. It’s once again February but everything else has changed. Every season has it’s purpose. Seasons of heartache make us appreciate seasons of joy. Seasons of struggle help us appreciate seasons of abundance. Seasons of Winter help us appreciate seasons of Spring, a season of new beginnings. And it’s right around the corner!

No matter what season you are in right now, take some time today to thank God for your season. Even though it may be tough, He is working something out for you that may not have happened without this season. God tells us in His Word that He is with us in every season of life, especially the dark and difficult ones.

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  • Yes, God expects us to remember he is always with us and to give thanks and follow his commandments.

    Laverne Childers

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