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Like many other people, weight gain was one of the consequences I saw in 2020. I don’t blame coronavirus. Snacking and lounging have always been my favorite hobbies. I would not have believed that in a year I would be writing a blog about my new, healthy lifestyle. But last October I started noticing the extra pounds. Some pics were snapped one weekend that did not impress me.  That was when I decided to make a change.  

When I started my weight loss journey I had nothing but the desire to lose. I had no knowledge of how to accomplish this goal. The most motivational tool I found in my research was HealthyWage. With this program, you can win (earn) some serious money by reaching your goals. I played around with the healthy wage calculator and found an option that worked for me. You choose how much weight you want to lose, how much time you will need to accomplish your goal, and how much money you are willing to wager each month. I try to put $100 in savings every month anyway so I decided to instead invest it in the HealthyWage program. I knew that the fear of losing money would keep me motivated. After 6 months of paying in $100, I reached my goal and will receive a payout of $1,084!!!

HealthyWage is a wellness company that develops innovative ways to lose weight and get in shape. They were founded in 2009 and have been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many other major media outlets. You can add huge fun and accountability by making a wager on your own weight loss with prizes up to $10,000! The concept is backed by research that shows that a double financial incentive (risk of losing something; opportunity to gain something) can dramatically increase weight loss success. And many winners, including myself, report that it’s just plain fun. Bet on your weight loss goal, lose the weight, and win money! Grab some financial motivation and start your HealthyWager today by clicking here.

So the contest began. My efforts alone only resulted in a 2 lb loss in the first month. That wasn’t good enough. I really had no idea how to lose weight. I didn’t understand the science behind it. I made some changes including giving up fast food and sweets and adding more activity to my days. But leaving food on my plate is unheard of. What are calories? I had always eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Doing without felt unpleasant. Cravings were out of control. The struggle was real. Quite often I gave in. I didn’t understand how different foods affected my body. I was overwhelmed by the amount of differing information I found when I googled how to lose weight.

One tactic that I learned about was Intermittent Fasting. I bought a book on the subject to learn more and decided to try this eating style. There are different forms of fasting. I chose the 8 hour method. With this method, you are allowed to consume food for an 8 hour window that works best for your schedule and fast for the other 16 hours. This is the scientific minimum to put your body in a fasted state. I started showing my greatest improvements when I began intermittent fasting. In the fasted state, insulin is low so the body starts mobilizing stored body fat from your fat cells and burning this fat for energy (instead of glucose.) I can delay gratification without much problem. Although I love breakfast, I can drink a zero calorie black coffee and do other things in the morning rather than start eating immediately. I go walk instead and eat my first meal at 1 pm. It may be a big brunch, it may be oatmeal with fruit. I.F. frees up time in my day by not having to prepare as many meals and eat as often. Also when eating only during an 8 hour window instead of a 16- 24 hour window, you tend to consume much less calories.

The biggest lifestyle change I made was increasing my activity. I knew I needed to walk but I found lots of excuses. I don’t like to walk without a sidewalk, I don’t have a place to walk, I won’t cross busy streets on foot. Then I discovered a beautiful walking park not far from my home. I now start my day with a long walk. I began with 1-2 laps per day and now I am up to 5 miles a day. Starting my day in nature has become very important to me. I talk to God about our plans for the day, I meditate and have quiet time. About half way through my walk, I listen to my playlist and feed my soul.

Two weeks prior to my final weigh in with HealthyWage, I had 5 pesky pounds to lose that didn’t want to budge. These were the hardest to lose.  I was getting nervous. I knew I had to intensify my efforts to meet my goal. I started keeping my calorie intake at <1000 calories per day and trying to burn many more calories each day than I consumed. I continued my daily walk and also started exercising/dancing in my room for an hour each night. It was down to the wire. The day before my weigh-in window ended, I had 6 oz left to lose. I went to bed early to be sure I rested my body for a full 8 hours. I rubbed my feet and ankles to reduce any swelling and slept with them propped up on a pillow. I woke up hourly to see if it was time to weigh in. When I finally got up and weighed, I was thrilled to discover that I met my goal and would soon be collecting $1,084 from HealthyWage!!! Are you looking for a little extra motivation to help you lose weight? If winning money is enough motivation for you, you’ll definitely want to check out HealthyWager from where you bet on yourself and win money for losing weight.  

During my weight loss adventure, I discovered ZYIA active wear. I would be lying if I said that looking great in leggings wasn’t motivational. This compressive material holds you in like no other. It smooths your rolls and hides extra skin. It looks great on everybody. Joining this company and acquiring a discount on active wear gave me extra inspiration. Please feel free to browse the active wear line with this link… 

When beginning any weight loss regimen, the most important step is to believe you can do it. As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Let me tell you, if I can do this, ANYBODY can! When we think about what we are capable of, we never think big enough. We all have fears bubbling away inside of us; the fear of failing, being rejected, being judged or criticized. These fears make us play it safe instead of doing what we really want to do. It’s time to stop limiting yourself. If you can see and feel the dream in your mind, then it is possible.


  • Awesome, great for you, Im Jealous

  • Congratulations Kim. Looking good. Love you !!!!!!

    Laverne Childers
  • So very proud, and happy for you!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I am so proud of you! You look amazing!

  • You look fantastic! 😍😍

    Amy Harwell

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