Give Thanks Even In Difficult Times

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed right now, you are not alone. We have all been affected in some way by the pandemic. We have no control over the situation and that is a scary feeling. But we have to be careful not to let our fears take over. Lately I can easily go from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds so I make a conscious effort to switch my focus from the bad to the good. Gratitude is a very powerful and positive force. We should create a habit of finding things to be grateful for even during difficult times. Our thoughts affect our mood and can affect our emotional well-being. Two different feelings or thoughts can not occupy the same space so when you switch your focus from the troubles to the blessings, you can experience more joy and happiness in every day.
I am thankful for my freedom. I am so blessed to be able to get in my car and drive wherever I want, whenever I want.  
I am thankful for the stimulus check. Thank You, Lord for your constant provisions.
I am thankful for the people behind the scenes who manufacture and deliver the goods that we use, need and take for granted everyday.
I am thankful for restaurants and the takeout/delivery option. I’m also thankful we have the ability to move around to different places and share our culture with others. My life would be less full without cheese dip and margaritas.
I am thankful for the online opportunities to reach people faraway with our words, products and services. We are not limited to serving and connecting with just those in our community.
I am thankful for my health. I am so grateful that my loved ones and I have all remained healthy in spite of a pandemic and I pray for continued good health for us all.
I am thankful that we were able to use electricity and internet during this crisis. My only experience with a state of emergency was after Hurricane Michael. I can tell you that having central heat and air, Netflix and Hulu during this difficult time was a blessing indeed.
I am thankful for the opportunity to slow down. We feel so much pressure to stay busy and be productive. I welcome a season of staying home.  
I am thankful that the God I serve is greater than all the evil forces that may come against me. We have all faced some sort of loss during this pandemic; jobs, childcare, routine, a sense of security, the list goes on and on. But if we remain faithful, we can come out of this better than before. Change will come, possibly change that was overdue. Put all your trust in God. In good times, in bad times, all the time, every waking moment. What is meant for our harm, God will use for our good. Ultimately, God is our provider. Have faith that when something is taken away, He has something better lined up to replace it. Stay grateful for what you have and keep your eyes open for the next opportunity He is about to provide.
Even difficult situations have hidden gifts for which to be thankful. With gratitude, you can train your mind to keep things in perspective and focus on life’s many gifts and blessings.

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