Don't Believe The Lies

Shortly after posting my newest blog post on Facebook last week I was scrolling through my news feed. Suddenly it occured to me that people were laughing at me and my blog. I stopped scrolling to think about this for a minute. As soon as I started to entertain this idea, the thoughts flooded my mind. Who do you think you are? People don’t care about what you write. Maybe I should quit posting my blogs on Facebook. Or maybe I will post them only on my business page so that only the people who are interested in them will see them. Or maybe I should just quit writing altogether. Then I instantly remembered some encouragement I had gotten from a dear friend. She told me to never give up, even if my posts didn’t get one single like on Facebook, I should keep on writing. I get encouragement from other friends and family too. It was then that I realized I was playing right into the devils hands. He was whispering lies to me, making me feel inadequate. Maybe not him personally, but one of his demons was sent to lie to me... the demon of insecurity. His job is to stop me from progressing in my dreams, to stop me from doing what I love and to stop me from doing what God tells me to do. He does the same thing to you.

Don’t let the devil lie to you and discourage you. And don’t let what others think stop you from trying. What people are saying or thinking is none of your business. They probably aren’t even thinking or saying anything about you. You can sit around fearfully wondering what is being said behind your back or you can smile because you are doing what you love. Go on and enjoy your day. Haters gonna hate no matter what you are doing. So you might as well do something you love. ♥

Don’t ignore or give up on the desires God put in your heart because you don’t feel worthy. He wouldn’t give you the dream if He wasn’t going to help you achieve it. He doesn’t tease us. As long as you don’t let negative voices talk you out of it, you can make your dreams come true. Step out in faith. God knows how to get you there. Keep doing the right thing. If you will do what you can, God will show up and do what you can’t.


  • Kim, I love your blog and share it often. Don’t let others discourage you. Many of the greats were laughed at including the Wright brothers, Columbus, the disciples, even Jesus Christ, but none of them stopped. If you are being laughed at, consider yourself great! It means people are reacting and puts you in great company.

    Pam Pottorff
  • Kim, No one is laughing at you and your blog; and if they did it would be their problem, not yours. So just be yourself and keep writing. Love you…………………

    Laverne Childers
  • Keep on writing. honey..You’re an inspiration to many in your thoughts and writings and God will bless you for your faithfulness. .
    What’s that scripture ?? "And you shall know the TRUTH , and the TRUTH shall make you free. John 8:32

    Diane Harwell
  • Thank you!!! Love you too!!!!!

    Kimberly Seago
  • Anyone who would laugh or make fun of what you post is nothing more than jealous that you are happy and doing something you enjoy and they are unhappy with themselves. You’re doing a great job. I thoroughly enjoy getting your blog every week and I know others do too! Love you bunches!

    Amy Harwell

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