Bumps In The Road

When things are going good for me I am on top of the world. I believe I can do anything. I see and study my vision board and 1 year plan constantly as I turned them into a decorated poster that hangs on my bedroom wall.

Then setbacks happen when you least expect them and when you are least prepared for them. I felt like I had my life together. In a matter of weeks I found out my job is going away this fall and my home that I have rented for 3 years was being put on the market. My savings got sucked up by unplanned expenses. I was excited to advance into the next season of my life but I had hoped for a smoother transition. It’s like the vessel I was traveling in crashed and I flew through the windshield. I managed to hold on, knowing that it would eventually end and I would soon be back on my feet again. August was to be the month of my great comeback.

So, August arrived and I won’t even list all the gut punches I have encountered. I need a personal assistant to help me sort the issues. I am dealing with a biggie this week. While trying to run my route in Tropical Storm Fred, my car started overheating. My oil change guy gave me the worst possible scenario and told me to either go straight home or go trade my car as fast as I could. I know better than to make a huge financial decision based on deception so I went home and ugly cried and worried for two days. I considered hanging a ball of clothes from a stick and running away. Every camel has it’s straw and apparently mine is car repairs. Take my job, please! Just don’t let my car break down.

Finally, I put on my big girl panties and got on the horn to resolve the situation. I had been praying for God’s guidance and mercy and like always, He came through. My car is being repaired and the diagnosis wasn’t as bleak as I first thought. I recognize my need for better and different coping strategies. My greatest weakness is not properly disarming fear and anger in difficult situations.

God already knew all these things were going to happen and He already had the solutions worked out. It was all a part of the plan. Having faith means trusting in God even when we don’t understand His plan. I know He has something so amazing ahead for me that is far better than anything my imagination can create. I must learn to rest on these promises in hard times. I am thankful for the difficult road that leads to beautiful destinations.


  • God always provides a way..Love you sweet girl…

  • Kim, so sorry upsetting things keep happening. Hang in there and do not lose faith. I love you and will be praying things calm down.

    Laverne Childers

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