What Can I Do?

God speaks to us in many ways. But I have not actually heard the voice of God with my ears. I hear Him with my heart. He speaks to me every day in some way. It may be through something I read or experience or see on tv. Most of the time He speaks to me directly through His Word. When reading the Bible a scripture will jump off the page and direct me in my life or provide the very solution I had been praying for. Sometimes God places a strong feeling or urging in my heart and I know that is coming from Him. If I ignore the calling, I feel bad about it all day. Here is a recent example of when God unmistakably “told” me to do something…
Homelessness breaks my heart. I can not imagine having to lay my head on the ground with no structure around me and go to sleep. My job requires me to go inside 80 convenience stores each week. Homeless people are often sitting outside the stores hoping or asking or maybe even praying for some money so they can go in and buy something. I would spare a few dollars if asked but I didn’t offer it first. One day I saw a man that I had never seen before and I was drawn to him. I had a strong feeling that I needed to ask him if he was ok. He told me he was trying to save up for a fishing pole so he could provide meals and he had a tent in the woods that he lived in. I gave him a little money and got back in my car. Then I felt like I needed to give him my phone number in case he ever had an emergency. But I didn’t love that idea. I sat there for a few minutes deciding whether to do it. I figured the the worst that could happen is I have to change my number so I dug a business card out of the console and took it to him. That was a Monday. On Friday evening, a tropical storm was expected. I was about to eat pizza and binge watch Hulu when my phone rang. It was the homeless man. He asked if I had an extra coat because he was cold and it would only get colder after the rain set in. I’m ashamed to say that my first thought was, Man! I hate driving in the rain. I remembered that living in the rain must be worse and then told him I would meet him soon. I wished I could have put a roof over his head at least for the night but I could not. And God didn’t tell me to. I looked through some boxes and found some shirts and a coat and an extra blanket. I also grabbed some snacks and sodas from the kitchen and bagged it all up and headed out to meet him. He called me the next week just to thank me and tell me that I was his angel and God had sent me to him. I saw him about 4 more times and he always greeted me with a hug. Some days I would have preferred a friendly wave. We would spend a few minutes talking. I would tell him about some possible job opportunities and he would ask me if I wanted to get hitched. I would slip him a few dollars for lunch and be on my way. Not long ago, his lifeless body was found behind the building by a store employee. I wasn’t able to provide much in his last days but I think that the friendship I offered was of most importance to him.
Now I actively seek opportunities to help those in need. It makes me feel as good as it does the other person. If you are not sure if you are being led by God to do something or if it is just something you want, remember that God's voice will only direct us to do things which will glorify Him, in turn bringing us maximum joy.


  • Wonderful message…a lot to think about!

    Angela Elder
  • As always Kim…….Good Job!!……….

    Laverne Childers

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