Beach Day Haiku

First beach day this year

I should walk along the coast

Nah, I’ll just lay here.


Thankful for the sun

The earth spins on it’s axis

Spring is almost here.


Man with burned belly

Metal detector in hand

That will hurt tonight.


Waves glisten like glass

As jagged and dangerous

And crash as loudly.


I’ll dip my toe in

Oh no! It’s dreadfully cold

Extreme watersports.


If I were a bird

No worms, I’ll eat at the beach

Fish, shrimp, dropped french fries.


Gulf of Mexico

Formed by God on the third day

Still magnificent.


Only shades of blue

As far as the eye can see

This is paradise.


Love me some bacon

In the morning, noon or night

Sizzle sizzle pop.


All my words and thoughts

Have become a haiku now

Someone make it stop.


Man wears a hoodie

Sunny and seventy three

Tank top works for me.


Walked out too far once

Current washed out the sandbar

Yes, but did you die?


Trying to lose weight

Four months of eating salad

I want a pizza.


Countless gallons flow

Forcefully as if enraged

It knows it’s limits.


Seagulls watching me

But I won’t share my cheetos.

You’ll tell all your friends.


Dude, use your earphones

Nobody wants to hear that

Wait, Guns N Roses.


 I’m back at home now

Should I spray my sandy feet

Nah, I’ll sweep later.


  • I love love love all of your comments!!!

  • I really like the one about being a bird; and about bacon.

    Laying in my bed
    Forgot to turn off the light
    Had to pee anyway

    Hate this commercial
    100 times louder than the show
    Who lost the remote

    Elijah, homework
    Dennis! What did you lose now?
    Kendall, that hand good?

  • Love this Kim! You are talented and driven. Only you would use a day at the beach to come up with an interesting and unique blog post. Well done!

  • As soon as I saw there was one comment I knew whose it was. I’m not as into the beach for long periods of time as you and Amy, but this is wonderful. As I read it, I could almost see everything you were seeing.

    Laverne Childers
  • This is great! Wish I was there!

    Amy Harwell

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