A Simpler Time (Ode to 2019)

I remember a simpler time, not so long ago

     Before a manufactured virus threatened us so.

You could shake a hand or give a hug

     Without any fear of spreading the bug.


When the only time I needed to wear a mask

     Was in Tennessee while cutting the grass.

No one freaked out if you coughed or sneezed,

     Senior citizens could roam as they pleased.


When we could run to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night

     and an abundance of toilet paper was always in sight.

There were no stickers to show us where to stand in line,

      About a foot between seemed just fine.


A time when stadiums could be filled with fans

     Of sports teams and rock bands.

In New York City, hot dog carts lined the streets

     And Broadway shows sold out all the seats.


Back before I cared about politics,

     Before the evening news made me sick.

When unemployment was at an all time low,

     Before small businesses were forced to close.


Back when I believed the government was fair,

     Before the onset of gray hair.

Those are the times I hold so dear

     It wasn’t so long ago, only a year.


  • Lovely poem. We have been slammed this year, but we’ve made it this far. Maybe it’s brought people closer to God. Made us take time to think about what’s really important, to realize how much we miss family, handshakes and hugs. All those things we used to take for granted and even complain about, we now look forward to doing again someday. Love you!

  • Kim, this is wonderful. You really have a way with words. Love it………

    Laverne Childers
  • Love this!

    Amy Harwell

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