Home Is Where You Make It

According to my plan, I was supposed to purchase a home this year. I had been preparing for about two years by building my savings, reducing my debt and increasing my credit score. Then the rental I was living in was placed on the market so I needed to move sooner rather than later. A home purchase isn’t something you can rush so I started looking for another rental. I was fortunate enough to find a small home in my budget only 1.5 miles from the beach. I was the first person to show up to see it. That seemed like a miracle to me but I guess someone has to be first. The true miracle was finding something in my budget.

I was excited about the location, making plans to get my exercise by walking to and from the beach as often as possible. I thought about finding a job nearby and walking back and forth to work. My plans were ambitious. I haven’t walked anywhere yet. I’m feeling some anxiety over this whole walking thing. I need to wait until tourist season is completely over. There is too much traffic for me to be crossing the street by myself. And what do I do when the sidewalk ends? Walk in the street or in someone’s yard? I must figure this out because I am doing poorly in the activity department. There is only room for me to turn around in this new home. I can do exercises that require you stand in place. But push ups, sit ups, dancing… that’s not happening here.

 The last house I lived in was furnished yet I still could not fit all my belongings into this “cozy cottage” (as the online ad lovingly described it.) There is no unnecessary space. And some of the necessary space is missing too. There is only a kitchen and a bedroom, separated by a hall with a bathroom. The air conditioner is in the kitchen. It is old and weak and the coolish air does not reach my bedroom. I adjust the direction dial (because it is ancient) multiple times a day just for good measure. I guess I should replace it. But at my expense? Maybe, considering it runs nearly 24/7 and is probably jacking up my electric bill. But on the bright side, I can sweat out toxins and calories by simply laying on my bed in the heat of the day. It’s like a bedroom/office/sauna.

But I’m not complaining. Although I see how it may look that way. :) If one’s only housing worries are the size and the temperature inside, that person should feel very blessed. I can be content here for a year or so while I work toward something better. Being content does not mean we don’t work for or pray for change. It means resting in His plans and His timing while working for a change. When we insist on our own plan, we may be able to get what we wanted but reap a bitter harvest.

I am truly thankful. I feel like God took a look at my plan and said Nah, I’ve got something better, trust in My timing. I believe He hand picked this little house for me for this season and some good things will come from me being right here, right now. And I believe that He, in His infinite wisdom, is arranging all the pieces and players right now to make the right house go on the market at the right time. I know His plan is always better than mine.


  • Kim you can do anything with God beside you…you are a very head strong woman that accomplish anything you set your mind too..you can always turn a shack into a home..with little TLC…God is always with us…love you always

    Christy Simmons
  • Wonderful outlook..yes, God is still in control & his plan is always the best. Love you

  • Hang in there sweet girl. Keep thinking positive – that God is gonna fix things. I try to do that every day………………………………….

    Laverne Childers

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